A Move to Online Ordering for all Trade Customers

Do you ever get that feeling that your inbox only ever expands? Hopefully, we can cut out the backlog and get everything you need out to you without any hassle.
From the 12th October 2020 we will only be processing orders via our website and we will no longer accept orders by email. We have spent a great deal of time assessing the bulk of our enquiries and the workload we are putting on our customers and ourselves. Not surprisingly stock availability and pricing create the most administration and after speaking to many of our customers, we have decided to invest in our websites to keep the data live and accurate. In addition to this we found that we dispatch online orders within 48 hours whereas email orders lag, some taking up to 10 days. We know how important little and often is in this trading climate and we want to ensure we are as efficient as possible and get the goods to you when you need them. 
We implemented a new UK trade website a couple of months ago and it has been a great success and we are adding to this every week. Thank you very much to everyone has given us feedback, it has been extremely helpful, and we have already made some amends.
Our hope is that by freeing up your time, you can focus on the most important people, your customers. On that note we think we should be doing the same and focusing on you, our customers. It may seem that by moving to website ordering we are distancing ourselves from our customers but that could not be further from the truth. We are now out on the road every week visiting our customers so we can find out more about your business, what is important to you and how we can support each other. If you have not already had a visit and you would like us to come in, please email sales@baristaandco.com and Breanne our Customer Manager will get in touch. We have seen some amazing results in recent times by forging some great partnerships from farm shops to lifestyle stores and beyond. It seems everyone has a customer who loves coffee.



We have some really exciting new projects launching in the next few months as we develop our specialty coffee business, coffee machines and our ethos that our products should be accessible so more people can drink great coffee at home. One initiative is the launch of our Barista & Co Hubs through which we will be offering training, exclusive products and in a new way of approaching coffee. More to come on that very soon. 

We will also be releasing our new catalogue for 2021 and we have put a little section on the back so you can note down your login details. We will be in touch to see if you want a hard copy sent out in the post. If you need any help getting set-up on the website or have not been able to use it, please give us a call as we are here to help.
Thank you for your continued custom, we really appreciate it and hope you have a successful Christmas period.

If you would like access to the trade website please email sales@baristaandco.com
Login to baristaandcotrade.com


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