Bring Your Bialetti Display to Life!

As well as the iconic stovetop coffee makers, Bialetti now have a wide range of electrical coffee equipment and of course their own traditional Italian coffee.

Over the last ten years they have opened Bialetti stores at key locations across Italy and they can now be found in prestigious locations in Rome, Venice, Florence and beyond. If you ever visit the Piazza Duomo in Milan you will find the Bialetti store directly opposite the famous cathedral, often with queues coming out of the door as tourists and Italians wait for their favourite coffee.


  Bialetti have been roasting classic Italian coffee for many years at their own roastery in Bergamo, located 25 miles north of Milan. This large scale operation means they are in total control of the roasting and packaging of their coffee to ensure consistency that is demanded by their loyal customer base.

Not only do they roast the perfect coffees for their Moka stovetop coffee makers but they now also offer their coffee in capsule format so even Nespresso machine owners can enjoy velvety dark roasted coffee.

The matching of coffee to their classic coffee makers has been a great success and the dark roast profile works perfectly when making a Moka coffee or adding in milk for a cappuccino or latte. You can now buy their electric and manual milk frothers making the perfect Italian brew even easier. By expanding the Bialetti range in your retail outlet you have the opportunity to attract the classic coffee consumer and allow them to enjoy the true taste of Italy.

Bialetti have been working hard over the last few months to ensure that what they offer in their own stores is available to their partners across the globe and we are pleased to introduce many of these resources to the UK. If you are interested in improving your Bialetti display, adding complementary products to increase sales and give customers something to shout about, we want to help.

Please contact us to bring your Bialetti display to life!

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