New Export Systems & Name Change

As we grow our business and now have an award winning coffee roastery we thought it was only sensible to rename our business to Barista & Co Coffee Ltd. We remain the same company, same people, same location, all we've done is add coffee. There is a little more below on this.

To assist our customers improve efficiency across our business we are pleased to announced that we have now implemented a new trade portal that is linked directly to our warehouse in China. If you purchase from this warehouse or you are a partner in Europe who would like to purchase stock from this facility then we would be more than happy to set you up on the trade portal.

It is a basic ordering system that has been designed to be quick and efficient so that our customers can easily check stock availability, product codes, pack sizes and place orders without any distraction. The prices that you pay will be shown in the system and you can also find further information on our warehouse location, order processing procedure and the information we require to ship your goods as efficiently as possible.

In addition to this you can find links to our stock availability in the UK as well as information on inbound shipments that are due into our China warehouse. We understand that this has been a very challenging year and many customers have reduced their stock position due to a fall in general demand from retailers. We have found that home coffee consumption has increased considerably and this has been of great relevance in our domestic market and it is for that reason that we are increasingly moving stocks to our UK warehouse. Although this is the case we will continue to hold stock on forecast and in line with our own demand analysis.

If you are a distribution partner who purchases from our UK warehouse we can also provide you with access to our UK trade website where you can also see our live stock levels and although we aren't able to process USD orders via this website it is a great resource to use when placing orders and you would like to check the availability to avoid a large amount of email communication. If an item is out of stock you will be able to see the expected date for new stock deliveries.

We hope that these changes to our systems will help you when placing orders or if you are looking for general stock and product information. That's less time doing admin and more time on the beach.

If you think there is anything else we can add to them to improve efficiency for you, we are here to listen. Please feel free to book in a call or send us an email.

Please note: our export documents now all reflect our name change to Barista & Co Coffee Ltd. We retain the same company number and remain the same company at Companies House in the UK. Due to this change some of the items that we are currently shipping have our old details on the box. If you require assistance with this we are happy to provide photographs of the product packaging. 

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