strength 2 coffee maker one brew
One Brew Coffee Maker
One Brew Coffee Maker
One Brew Coffee Maker
One Brew Coffee Maker
One Brew Coffee Maker
One Brew Coffee Maker
One Brew Coffee Maker
One Brew Coffee Maker
One Brew Coffee Maker
One Brew Coffee Maker
One Brew Coffee Maker
One Brew Coffee Maker
One Brew Coffee Maker
One Brew Coffee Maker
One Brew Coffee Maker
One Brew Coffee Maker
One Brew Coffee Maker

One Brew Coffee Maker

Life is Fast, Pour Slow

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The One Brew is an innovative one cup coffee maker designed in the UK by Barista & Co. By utilising gravity, the One Brew makes a medium strength coffee with clean tasting notes and bold aromas. The filter lid prevents grounds getting into your cup and make it easier to clean than a cafetiere.
  • Strength 2 coffee maker for everyday use
  • Life is fast, pour slow. Brew for 6 minutes, pour for 25 seconds
  • 4 in 1 brewer - makes hot coffee, cold brew, loose leaf tea and iced tea

Looking for a one cup coffee maker to use at home or at work? The One Brew is exactly what you need. Simply add a scoop of ground coffee and fill to the line with hot water, place your filter lid and leave to brew. In 7 minutes, you'll have a single cup of perfectly brewed filter coffee.

Better than Cafetiere Coffee.

The One Brew is a brilliant alternative to a cafetiere. By allowing your coffee to settle for 7 minutes, you'll get perfect extraction and an excellent flavour. What's more, when you follow the 25 second slow pour you'll notice a cleaner coffee with no grounds in your cup! All this without losing the velvety texture associated with cafetiere coffee.

Four Brewers in One.

The stainless steel filter and silicone seal means that the One Brew is versatile. Use it at home or in the office for cold brew, hot coffee, loose leaf tea and iced tea, all without the need for paper filters.

Less Messy Grounds.

Cleaning a cafetiere is a nightmare. That's why we've designed the One Brew's filter lid has an angular shape. When you're finished, use the lid to collect the grounds by placing it upside down in the sink. Pour residual coffee straight into the lid and allow the water to drain from.

Easy to Use. 

Designed to make one cup of coffee at a time, the One Brew has the same capacity as a standard 1 mug cafetiere. Just add a scoop of coarse ground coffee and fill to the line with hot water. Leave to brew for 7 minutes, insert the filter lid and pour, no need for a press filter. It really couldn't be easier to make filter coffee at home.

Protect from Knocks.

The silicone base protects your surface and the coffee maker from breakage. Don't worry, accidents happen and we've got spare One Brew beakers available. The BPA free materials are all reusable, recyclable and dishwasher safe. Finally, the thermal shock resistant borosilicate glass is easy to clean and won't taint the flavour of your coffee.

Barista Notes:

The One Brew makes a textured, full bodied fresh coffee like a cafetiere for a medium strength black or white filter coffee Tip:

Follow our signature ‘slow pour’ over 25 seconds to encourage complex flavours;to develop and to allow coffee grounds to stay sat at the bottom of the One Brew for a cleaner cup

If you prefer to avoid caffeine in the afternoon, try the One Brew with herbal tea.

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