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Strong Brew

Our Strongest Coffee Maker Yet

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Our strength scale was created to help you find the right coffee maker. The Strong Brew is a Strength 3 coffee maker, created for people that love strong coffee.
  • Strength 3 coffee maker that packs a punch
  • Up to 257mg of caffeine per cup, a natural alternative to preworkout
  • Designed and developed in the UK

Your body needs 3mg of caffeine per kg of body weight to perform better. Designed specifically for the performance market, the Strong Brew delivers a concentrated cup of coffee with up to 257mg of caffeine per cup.

Fuel your passion with a clean cup of coffee, containing nothing but caffeine and antioxidants. Discover the Strong Brew today.

The Strong Brew:

The Strong Brew coffee maker combines pressurised and immersion brewing to give you a short, strong cup of coffee. The patented helix chamber technology was designed and developed in the UK for a streamlined twist that doesn’t apply pressure to your cup. The vacuum sealed immersion chamber features airtight silicone seals for stronger coffee extraction. But what does this all mean?

Really strong coffee.

Thanks to its innovative design, the Strong Brew makes a coffee with up to 257mg of caffeine per cup. To put that into context, an espresso contains around 84mg. We ran the test at the same time, using the same dose of the same coffee (our Rocket Man espresso roast) for the most accurate results.

The Coffee:

The Strong Brew is a compact coffee maker, no larger than a standard water bottle. It’s perfect for home use or on the go. You need 15g-18g of filter ground coffee, a filter (paper or stainless steel), and hot water. To find out more about how to use it, watch our video tutorial.

Our favourite thing about this filter coffee maker is the type of coffee it makes. If you’re familiar with coffee jargon, we’re referring to mouthfeel and body. A Strong Brew coffee is clean and crisp, with absolutely no grounds in your cup.

Use with paper filters (100 included) to create an ultra-smooth clean cup of coffee. Alternatively, use the stainless steel reusable disc filter (purchased separately) to create a medium-bodied brew.

The Science:

Caffeine is the number 1 ingredient in preworkout as it’s known for its performance enhancing qualities. We looked at hundreds of studies to try and pin point the right amount of caffeine, most agreed that you need 3mg-5mg of caffeine per kg of body weight to see improved performance.

Not only did these studies give us the correct dosage, but they also showed us that the right amount of caffeine: 

  • Makes you run faster (source)
  • Reduces time to exhaustion (source)
  • Improves CrossFit performance (source)
  • Improves ergogenic cycling performance (source)
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